Selling???????  So You might want to sell????   What 's the most important thing to you right now???? Well everybody seems to want to start with price~~but how about security ? what about time frame ? what about special family conditions ? Tenants?--As your sellers agent or(representative) it is  my obligation to price your home where it will sell for the highest price but sometimes you just want to feel you are NOT the person who showed their house for 6 months or more and now it s still unsold~~~~Maybe you want to see that the buyers of your family home are "just the perfect ones you had hoped would carry on in a family heirloom "``"YOUR HOME OF MANY YEARS"

     Each situation is so very different  Whether its moving from a starter to your next step in the housing ladder (Please always Sell BEFORE YOU TRY TO BUY!!!)  or your 2nd or 3rd or 10th house !!! maybe its an estate to settle or you are forced to sell because of negative reasons of finance or health -- or retiring out of state or disposing of a 2nd home or whatever~~

     We are a small company and each of our listings get 100% personal service down to the nittiest details ~~~We are proud to say that we sell over 90%  of the homes we list AND they are  sold to the owners satisfaction! ~~If you list with Apple you won t be disappointed~~That' s what that means!!!   AND~ we will twist every single line item to get it done for you at the lowest possible cost .   Giving you the highest possible net at your closing!!!!!   We use over 30 websites in addition to a state of the art Multiple Listing System~As your agent we will~~~ ALWAYS BE THERE~~~To protect your family and your finances~~~

     OUR MOTTO  is~~~ "HERE TO SERVE"  and  "IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU"~~~I think that sums it up

Thank You --Call us !!!!